Welcome to the Polymatrix Web Site

Polymatrix is a new name on the polymer scene. It was set up in 2008 with the aim of providing innovations which can help processors and users get the best out of polymers.

The principals of Polymatrix have many years' experience of problem solving with polymer systems and have recognised a number of needs that have so far not been met. One is for adequate process control with polymer formulations which start their lives as liquids. The technology may look simple, but process control is a quite a challenge.

An Innovation in Liquid Cure Monitoring

The new OSCILLATING ROD CUREMETER works on a scale to suit the user, to bring automatic cure tracking to laboratory trials. The unit takes samples in: paper cups, plastic beakers, steel cans or cardboard boxes - no need to break from familiar practice. With the ORC, the focus is on the cure, not the instrument.

The ORC provides a continuous profile of cure in a digital form for computerised handling and storage. The ORC is compatible with the latest PC operating systems. With this facility, regions of specific interest can be expanded, cure profiles can be overlaid and data archived - formulation effects take on a visual significance.

Simple to operate, the ORC is a tool for everyday use. The ORC brings a new rigor to cure monitoring, eliminating subjectivity, and providing the means to catalogue cure behaviour in a systematic manner.

Prices depend on specification. Tell us what you want to monitor (ambient or heated, solid or foamed, etc.) and we will be delighted to provide a quote.

Getting the right information in the right format at the right time is critical to success in any endeavour. For a process as complex as cure, that information may originate from several sources - and even cross disciplines. Polymatrix can help users to understand the language of cure with its CURE TERMS GLOSSARY. If you want to know the difference between an activator and an accelerator, or a prepolymer and a prepreg, this is the place to look.